​A magic world in the Loire Valley

You want to find your child’s soul? You wish to relive the Renaissance time in the Val de Loire? It will tempt you to have an exceptional stay in this atmosphere? So, go to Pays de Loire and discover dozens majestic castles which raise themselves proudly throughout the river. Each one has a history and a glorious past. You will be fascinated by these constructions which compete in beauty and in opulence. You will also find a hunting atmosphere; forests around castles were the object of gigantic hunting, with one of the most famous: the hunting with hounds!

​A magnificent stay near a Loire Castle

By visiting the magnificent Loire region, you will notice the imprint that left the time in stones of every historic construction. You will be fascinated by the famous majestic castles which the most visited is the famous Castle of Chenonceau which counts 850 000 visitors every year. You will also go to Chambord, Blois, Amboise, Villandry as well as Langeais, Loches and Chinon. In front of such a variety of choice of accommodation, you will be sploit for choice of the charming building selection in which you will have your stay. You will have an exceptional opportunity to try the life in the castle.

​A beautiful opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes

When you are settled in the Relais Chenonceaux, hotel in the Loire Valley castles, you will be amazed by the natural beauty of these elegant stone giants: the Loire chateaux. During your stay in the region, you will taste delicious dishes in diverse restaurants which will suggest you well-balanced and delicious meals. Even the various types of meats will be presented to you in a very tasty way. Products being fresh, you will savor a particular taste which will open you to the appetite!