Hotel Castle Loire Valley

An unforgettable stay in the Loire Valley

Whether it is a weekend or few days, you will discover numerous hidden treasures in the Val de Loire region. You will be amazed by the beauty of the architecture of prestigious castles built throughout the Loire Valley. Enjoy their timeless charm and go back in time until discover the most distant secrets of glorious past. During your stay you will also admire the beauty of the wild river as well as all the facets of this nature. To be able to visit all the places of the region, you have to choose an appropriate hotel in the Loire Valley.

​An outstanding castle

For a comfortable and charming stay, choose an hotel in the Loire Valley near the prestigious Castle of Chenonceau. In this prestigious castle, surrounded with charming French-style gardens, you will enjoy the pure beauty of the nature. You will be even more fascinated when you will contemplate the luxurious art collection. In fact, this famous castle is the most surprising of all historic constructions of the region. It is about a pure masterpiece of the French Renaissance which steps gracefully over the river, the Cher.

​Surprising discoveries in the Loire Valley

By opting for holidays in the Loire Valley, you will be able to discover the fascinating art secrets of the region which do not conjugate only in the past. You will have the opportunity to meet contemporary artists who exercise their art. Then, you will be able to taste the delicious wines of excellent quality of the Val de Loire region. All the tastes will be satisfied. Do not forget to follow the steps of the literary world celebrities such as Balzac and Colette.