Chenonceau Castle hotel

Chenonceau, a magic castle

For a stay or a weekend in Val de Loire near the Castle of Chenonceau, the Relais Chenonceaux establishes the ideal hotel to discover this jewel of the Loire Castles, historic monument of France the most visited after the Palace of Versailles. Exceptional due to its architecture, the wealth of its collections, its furniture, its decoration and its multiple gardens, a visit in the Castle of Chenocneau is a real delight. The amateurs of paintings will discover great masters’ works: Murillo, Le Tintoret, Nicolas Poussin, Le Corrège, Rubens, Le Primatice, Van Loo...

Chenonceau, a jewel of the Renaissance

Its bridge of five arcs which step over the Cher where the waters reflect the unique beauty of its Renaissance architecture, the numerous luxuriously furnished rooms, the great masters paintings collections… the reasons are numerous to visit the Castle of Chenocneau. The hotel Relais Chenonceaux is a typical hotel-restaurant, less than 500m from the Castle of Chenonceau, ideal to discover this jewel of the Renaissance, where the history is confidentially connected to the fate of women such as Diane de Poitiers et Catherine de Médicis.

A jewel of the Loire Castles

Remarkable by its architecture and its history, the Castle of Chenonceau also possesses a great masters’ paintings collection, gardens so luxurious as refined as the gardens of Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Médicis, which contribute to the renown of this monument. Less than 500m of this jewel of the Castle of Chenonceau, you will find the Relais Chenocneaux, former post-house, for a full of charm stop, during your visit of the Castle of Chenonceau.