Charming hotel touraine

​ An excellent choice for an unforgettable stay in Touraine

If you want to spend a romantic weekend or few days with your family or your friends, you did well to opt for a journey in our beautiful region of Touraine. You will have some good times at the heart of a fabulous place which combines luxuriant nature and glorious past. Numerous activities are suggested to you to have a pleasant stay. All you need it is a good dose of energy and your camera to be able to live an adventure which will be engraved in your memory during your stay in a charming hotel in Touraine, The Relais Chenonceaux.

​Charming hotel at the heart of the Touraine

You look for the tranquility and for the charm? You want to relax and to escape from diverse constraints of your daily living? Nothing will relax you more than staying in a historic house where the atmosphere is mysterious and serene. You will have a big opportunity to make a time travel and go back to the history of the first castle built in the region. You will lose the notion of time by listening to the diverse fascinating legends of former brave warriors. Do not miss this opportunity and book in one of the castles the most known in the Touraine region.

​A prestigious castle, Chenonceau

What do you think of spending your stay in the place the most marked with the women imprint? You will be fascinated by the different touches brought by Catherine Briçonnet, Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Médicis in this fabulous enchanted castle. Furthermore, you will admire the impressive art collection which forms the decoration of this luxurious palace. Everywhere you will go, you will see the elegant furniture as well as the wonderful paintings hung on in the gallery-bridge which steps over the Cher. Enjoy your holiday.