Charming hotel in Loire

​A harmonious place in the Loire

By visiting the « France Garden », you will  be fascinated by the diversity of the magnificent landscapes as well as by the rich heritage of this magnificent country which celebrates regularly its sweetness of life. You will discover throughout the Loire all these numerous treasures. Majestic castles of the Renaissance from Chambord, Cheverny to Blois and Chenonceau will immerse you into an outstanding world. These charming houses surrounded with a picturesque natural environment will guarantee you a pleasant stay full of surprises.

​Charming hotel in Pays de la Loire

Dividing up on five departments, Pays de la Loire abound in charming hotels and in old buildings. Make the tour of Mayenne, Sarthe, Loire-Atlantique or Vendee and Maine-et-Loire, and discover the hidden treasures from every region. Choose the charming hotel which goes to you the best and enjoy the Val de Loire sweetness of life. Succumb to the charm and to the wealth of the pleasant city of Nantes, in Loire-Atlantique. What do you wait for, to make an unforgettable circuit in this region?

​Majestic castles in the Loire

While visiting sublime region of the Loire Valley, you will be fascinated by the impressive architectural art of castles built at the time of Francois I. Being the favorite place of glorious Kings of France during the Renaissance, they recruited the best and the most skillful artists and architects of this period to build these historic jewels. Pays de Loire knew how to keep the beauty and the harmony with the nature of the exceptional houses which vary from manor houses to fortresses without forgetting cathedrals. Do not miss the opportunity to spend your stay in a historic atmosphere.